Pain where we least expect it

4ba2eb56-9b6a-4be0-b8b8-77eab832335dA few years back I started a blog called “Hope for wounded hearts.” I have never shut the blog down since in the back of my mind I really wanted to write again.  It has nothing to do with me thinking I am a great writer or that I have a wealth of knowledge to share.  The opposite is more like it.  One thing I do have and that is a passion for wounded hearts. When someone knows pain and the difficulties that come with that pain, it leaves a  mark that stays for life.

Thankfully today, I understand healing as well and the relief that comes with that. My life verse is Genesis 50:20 “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.“ I believe the mark is on my heart that I might never forget the wounded and broken hearted. Since I have told my story many have come to me with their story or the story of someone close to them.  It is very sad how prevalent it was even among so many of my peers and yet no one knew the other one was experiencing the abuse.  With time and training I recognize the signs of abuse much easier today.

My healing came in many different phases of my life and that story is told on my blog:  One of these phases was connecting with a group that has had a real burden to help healing begin in the lives of many victims.  They have done extensive work through the books and resources of Mending the Soul.  Steve Tracy, ThM, Phd and his wife Celestia Tracy, MA, LPC. This couple is a devoted couple to the wounded and have used their gifts to bless many. Their website is 

What caused the desire to write again to day is a clip I watched today that speaks some very sad truth. Abuse where we never expect to see it – in the church. The sad fact remains we all come short in living life as we should but it somehow seems worse when we see people who claim to be representing God before others and all the while are living a dark side of their life that only their victims know.  My heart hurts for this large family.  I find it hard to believe how the abuser was given so much support while his family that was hurting badly were basically ignored.  If this is an area you are interested in or have experienced yourself you will want to watch this 25 min video.

I hope to republish my blogs and add more to this page in the coming weeks.  Since I wrote the blog I have had further training regarding children and teens. If you would like to talk to me about any of this please feel free to email.

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